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Weight: 950.00 g
  • Integrated & Ready-to-use Propulsion System
    The X6 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC, propeller and motor mount (with the optional 30-to-28 tube adapter, it’s compatible with 28mm&30mm diameter carbon fiber arm tubes) together, is easy to mount and use.
    -Note: with the foldable 2388 propeller, the propulsion system is capable of carrying the load of 3~5KG (that is 18~30KG for a hexacopter ).
  • FOC-based PMSM Algorithm / Perfect Propulsion System
    The FOC (Field Oriented Control)-based PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) algorithm, an optimized algorithm for improving the collaborative performance of the ESC, motor & propeller, makes the motor-propeller more balanced and creates a propulsion system features high stability, reliability and efficiency.
    -Note: comparing with the BLDC motors, the PMSM has a lot of advantages like low noise, small size, high power density, low pulsating torque, and high control precision Comparing with the BLDC motors, the PMSM has a lot of advantages such as low noise, small size, high power density, low pulsating torque, and high control precision.
  • Super Waterproof
    The X6 propulsion system is waterproof to IPX7 standard. It’s applicable to almost all the harsh working conditions (for agricultural applications) like rainwater, pesticides, salt spray, high temperature, sand and dust. Combined with the outlets at the bottom of the motor mount.
    (note: patented design), you can directly rinse the system with fresh water after use
  • Multiple Protection Functions & Real-time Data Output
    The ESC included in the X6 power propulsion, which features a series of protection functions like power-on self test, power-on abnormal voltage, over-current and motor lock-up, can output the running data like input throttle, output throttle, RPM, input voltage & current, output current, capacitor temperature and MOS temperature to the DATALINK data box (item sold separately) & the FC (Flight Controller) in real time, to allow the FC to know the running status of the (ESC & motor) power combo in real time, and improve the flight performance, efficiency and reliability of the drones.
    -Note: using the Hobbywing DataLink data box can collect the real-time
    running data of 8 ESCs simultaneously and then transmit those data to
    the FC via the Bus to form a closed-loop control system
  • High-brightness LED Indicator
    The X6 propulsion system also contains a high-brightness LED indicator, you can choose the light color or disable it. It can provide the information about the working status of the system and send a warning when any abnormal issue occurs, that significantly improves the safety of the system.
  • High Thrust & Efficiency Propeller
    The 2388 propeller made of special high-strength carbon fiber is solid and light, and guarantees great consistency and excellent dynamic balance. The optimized aerodynamic shape combined with the optimized electromagnetic design adopted by the motor and the high efficiency FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithm implemented by the ESC guarantee the high thrust & efficiency of the propulsion system
  • Super Impact Resistance
    The unique keel-like structure design adopted by the motor mount/ESC case optimizes heat dissipation, improves overall strength. In particular, it protects the motor parts and makes the motor highly impact-resistant. That greatly reduces the possibility of structure deformation/malfunction caused by drop or hit.
    -Note: the internal strengthened cross beam structure (adopted by the motor) is an impact-resistant design patent owned by Hobbywing, please do not copy
  • Modular Design Easy to Maintain
    The X6 propulsion system features a modular design. When it is damaged, you can change the damaged part like blades (single or two), the propeller adapter, or the integrated power combo (ESC+motor) easily and quickly
  • Regular Firmware Updates
    You can upgrade the ESC with the Hobbywing USB LINK software, a LCD program box (item sold separately) and a laptop. Hobbywing updates its ESC firmware regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available.

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