10L Hexacopter Complete Package Agriculture

Full Ready to Fly UAV with 10 litre tank and spraying system

Manual as well as Autonomous flying Modes

1 Set of battery and Charger

Basic Training while delivery

520,000.00 700,000.00

Hexacopter | Agri-Drone | Drone farming

The Hexacopter Agriculture drone serves the main purpose of pesticide spraying in drone farming. Through Drone crop spraying, human contact with such harmful chemicals is limited. Agri-drones can carry out this task much quicker than vehicles/airplanes. Drones with RGB sensors and multispectral sensors can precisely identify and treat problematic areas. Professionals say that aerial spraying is five times faster with drones when compared to other methods.

The drone is equipped with an inbuilt Lipo battery of 16000 MAH and 6 powerful motors.

Hexacopter | Agri-Drone Specifications

S.No. Parameter/Feature Specification
1 Type Multicopter Hexacopter X
2 Dimensions
(Propellers Folded Inwards)
Folded (mm): 900 x 750 x 625
Open (mm): 1700 x 1500 x 710
3 Payload Capacity 10 Litre / 10 Kg
(whichever is less)
4 All Up Weight (with 10 Kg Payload) 29.4 Kg
5 Category (as per DGCA) MEDIUM
6 Flight Time Upto 20 minutes with Depleting Payload
7 Battery Charging Time 60-75 minutes
8 Spray Width 3 – 5 metres
9 Flight Mode Options Manual / Semi-Autonomous / Autonomous
10 Wind Resistance Level 5 as per Beaufort Scale
11 Flight Speed Upto 10 m/s (Recommended upto 5 m/s)
12 Frame Material 3 K Carbon Fibre
13 Other Features – GPS and Radar for uniform, efficient & precision spraying
– Continuous Operation Data Monitoring

Battery : 

2 x 16000Mah 15c

Work Rate:

  • 30 acres per Day in case of Ultra Low Volume Spraying (2-3 Litres per acre)
  • 20 acres per Day in case of Low Volume Spraying (8-10 Litres per acre)
  • 10 acres per Day in case of Medium Volume Spraying (25-30 Litres per acre)


Above mentioned Work Rates are estimates for 5 hours of daily operation based on assumed Spray Volume Rates and should not be taken as dosage recommendation for spraying. Correct Spray Dosage needs to be confirmed with agri-chemical manufacturing company or the local distributor before taking up any operations.


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